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Hi, I’m Niki

Fitness Trainer, Advanced TRX Coach and FRCms certified.

The minute I did my first TRX workout, I was hooked!! 


It changed the way I moved and trained. Now I want to share this with you. TRX is the most versatile home gym equipment you can own.

Let me change the way you move!


I've been teaching TRX since 2014 and I was rated the Best Specialty Fitness in Toronto by blogTO in 2015.


Now we can work together at home to keep you strong and fit. Virtual Personal Training with Niki.

Core Exercise

Introducing NikiFit

Training that will change Your Life.

In a COVID world group classes are not where its at - unfortunately.

Now we are training in the safety of our homes and what better equipment than the TRX suspension trainer?

Niki is one of Canada's top TRX trainers and a has been for years.

Through principle and methods taught by top TRX educators, we are bringing this method safely to you at home. 

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