Meet Niki

Certified Fitness Trainer, 
Advanced TRX Coach and FRC movement specialist.

Niki has been in the fitness industry for 20 years, she has successfully owned and operated 3 facilities in the GTA over a span of 10 years.

Recently Niki has been involved in teaching at fitness clubs all over the city. From private clubs like RCYC, Granite Club and The Badminton and Racquet club - to local community centres like Columbus Centre. Niki has seen it all!!

Although Niki has seen a lot of clients and taught many modalities, things that remain her focus when it comes to fitness.

Human movement patterns, and moving well to prevent injury.


TRX suspension training. Which is not so common in most fitness facilities - but very useful in your home gym!


Her passion for Squash - which most people don't have court in their homes, but if you do - please email me for a game :)

Listed below you'll see Niki's other passion - education.

  • Functional Range Conditioning (2021)

  • Level 2 Squash Coaching NCCP (2020)

  • TRX Group, TRX Functional Training, TRX Sports Medicine, TRX Sports Camps, TRX Advanced Coaching (2012-2016)

  • Stages Cycling Certification (2016)

  • Level 1 Squash Coaching NCCP (2014)

  • Canfit Personal Training (2000-2012)


Affiliated with following Associations 

Squash Ontario Gender Equity Board

TDWSA League Developer for the South

My Vision

I've always wanted to help people get active or stay active.

In a covid world this is more important than ever. We need to stay connected to our health - it's important.